Education Background

  • 1998.09-2002.07 Department of Physics, Shanxi University, Bachelor
  • 2002.09-2007.07 Institute of Opto-Electronics, Shanxi University, PhD.


  • 2007.7-2010.7 Max Planck Institute for Science of Light, Germany, Postdoctor
  • 2010.8-2012.12 Department of Precision Instrument, Tsinghua University, Research Associate
  • 2012.12-2016.7 Department of Precision Instrument of Tsinghua University, Associate research fellow
  • 2016.8-present Department of Precision Instrument of Tsinghua University, Associate Professor

Research field

Precise measurement of time and frequency; FTPS (Frequency, time, phase and space) synchronization and applications.

Research survey

1. High-precision time, frequency and phase synchronization network technology
2. Application of High-precision time and frequency synchronization technique in radio astronomical observations
3. Distributed timekeeping clock group based on time and frequency synchronization network
4. Synchronization and Timing of the International Large Facility-Square Kilometre Array (SKA)
5. Coherent synthesis of distributed phased-array radar
Research projects:
1. Frequency dissemination and synchronization of the Square Kilometre Array telescope, Program of International S&T Cooperation, 2016YFE0100200, 2016/12-2018/12, presided over
2. Fiber based frequency dissemination instrument, National Key Scientific Instrument and Equipment Development Project (2013YQ09094303) 2013/8-2019/9, presided over
3. A time delay measurement technology, key project of equipment pre-research fund, 2014/07-2016/07, presided over
4. A time and frequency network technology, 863 project, 2014/07-2016/06, presided over
5. A time synchronization technology, China's second-generation satellite navigation system major projects, 2013/01-2015/12, Wang Bo, presided over
6. Beijing Young Talents Program, 2013/01-2015/12, presided over
7. Precision Spectrum of trapped ions, National Key Projectof Research and Development, 2010CB922901, 2010/1--2014.8, participating