Education Background

  • 1987.09-1991.07 Department of aircraft design and application ,BUAA, Bachelor Degree
  • 1995.09-1998.03 Department of Electronic Engineering, BUAA, Master Degree
  • 1999.09-2002.11 Department of Instrument Science and Technology, Xi’an Jiaotong University, Doctor Degree


  • 1991.08-2010.09 RADAR Seeker Research Institute, CAMA, Senior Engineer
  • Since 2010.10 Department of Precision Instrument, Tsinghua University, Associate Research Fellow

Research field

RADAR RF Test and Simulation, High-Speed Digital Signal Processing

Research survey

As the leader of radar system simulation professional group during the tenure in CAMA, Prof. Liang mainly engaged in the study of radar’s intelligent anti-jamming technology, and completed the certain radio frequency simulation laboratory construction.
Appointed as associate research fellow in department of precision instrument of Tsinghua University on October 2010, Prof. Liang is responsible for the radar control and simulation technology research. The group led by Prof. Liang completed the largest domestic millimeter waves semi-physical simulation laboratory construction, and guaranteed the certain key model development. The group finished the most complicated real-time SAR simulator development, which is considered as the most advanced of its type in China. The group was also heavily involved in the development of the intelligent radio altimeter used on helicopter model-20, identified by the ministry of education, and some technologies are leading internationally.
The project “Key technology and application of multi-function universal radar target simulator” won the second-class science and technology achievement award of Beijing in 2013(No.1). The project “Simulation and application of Complex environment based on GPU” won the second-class technology invention of Ministry of Education in 2017(No.2).
During his time as a professor in Tsinghus University, Prof. Liang was awarded 15 invention patents, and published more than 20 papers.